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About Us

Established in 2007, Central American Apparel is a progressive urban apparel company emerging out of the growing Latino population in the United States. Our company seeks to highlight individual identity through innovative apparel designs that emphasize the unique experience of the Americas. Our fashion lines serve to strengthen cultural ties from both South and North of the Americas through cutting-edge fashion.

Our company credo, Cultivando Nuestra Cultura y Unificando Generaciones (Cultivating our Culture and Unifying Generations), stresses the importance of maintaining a strong sense of heritage while simultaneously staying at the forefront of popular trends.

The goal of Central American Apparel is to focus on the familiar aspects of popular culture in Latin America and in the United States, primarily in mainstream pastimes such as running, skating, cycling, surfing, and nightlife. Setting Central American apparel apart from culturally-themed clothing companies is our commitment to bridging the cultural gap by emphasizing our commonalities.

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