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Featured News

Josh Bliss

Centroamericanos make some noise!

DJ Josh Bliss, born and raised on the streets of Los Angeles, from a skater back in da day, to follow in his brothers' foot steps as a skillful Disc Jockey, rocking your night to the rhythm of his beat from San Francisco to Las Vegas. But, this SalvadoreƱo is not just skillful behind the turntables; he is also a practicing registered nurse, top of his class and top in his field. Pure success.

We sat down with Josh Bliss to understand why he sports Central American Apparel:

Josh Bliss:
"I first saw Central American Apparel back in 2003 and it definitely grabbed my attention. It was attractive to see myself represented on quality gear; quality is something that lacks with other clothing companies".

You can catch Josh Bliss at his residential night spots such as: Azul Ultra Lounge (Alhambra, CA), Suede (Los Angeles, CA).